Wednesday, May 28, 2008

G for Grease

Spent the whole evening watching Astro. One television show to another, whoah I was glued in front of the big wide screen. Don't blame me for enjoying life the way I wanted. Go get your own life. Hang out with your 'cool clan' at the shopping malls and go play paparazzi okay kids? Screw you!

Grease 2 was on!
Caulfield was such a heartthrob, lol (i mean back then lah) and Pfeiffer was and still is sho schweet (:
Although I've watched it before, I just couldn't help myself watching it again and again.
Their songs were all in the groove. Yeaaah, go T-bird riders!


I've been having sleepless nights.

before i crawl up to bed, i would watch the ultimate Japanese Game Show-Don't Laugh for a Gazillion times with a gigantic tupperware in my arms (thanks to kak yatie for providing the useful tupperware, lol).
inside it would be pistachio nuts from syria that i bought a few weeks ago.
you can be crazy over it too okay.. ;)

Nuts can make you go nuts X)
Back to the Japanese Game Show. I've watched several JGSs including the pranks.
What can I say, Japanese can seriously be mean in tricking innocent folks.
But oh-ho I have to admit that the shows were incredibly hilarious!
Teehee, my jaw hurts due to the non-stop laughing syndrome.

Salute people.
All the best to those who are sitting for their examinations.p/s: oh i'm so happy badgley is dating lively, lol.


These photos were taken a few months ago.
All i can say is, this little girl has turned one year old just in the blink of an eye.

and Mak Su is getting older soon, lol.
sayang nuyin, mwah.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Jason Mraz,
Undoubtedly has gifted soul and his songs are phenomenal.
i'm craving for MORE!

i heart him.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Certain people should realise that living in this world is not always about being known, partake in events, showing off your cool gadgets or even your 'asset'. The majority of youngsters have become a stupendous humiliation to the society.

Remember friends that the earth is just a pitstop for us (:

oh well,
i just want to apologise to everyone that have known me all these years for my wrongdoings.
i'd like to say i love you before it's too late.
to Kak yatie, get well soon and thank you for the mcd's.
Kak ida, thank you, study hard and please stop with the audibles, will you?

p/s: thank you addy baddy for the warm welcome (:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who is she?

Assalamualaikum and hello folks! (:

The name is Diana Ibrahim and she is utterly not into writing but she is trying really hard to scribble her thoughts through this blog. Her words might not be all hyperbolic so please do expect the least from her. She has big dreams and a colossal of fantasies.

Perhaps one day she will be a public relations executive or maybe a television reporter. Who knows? She will be graduating in mid 2010 (insyaAllah) with a Diploma in Communcation and Media Studies. Her life is full of colours and unpredictable. So, enjoy the ride fellow readers!