Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A note from Dinoso

Salam Ramadhan!

Just feel like telling the whole world that I've been engaged for 4 months now. LOL *lame* I know~ sigh. Okay, not just that.. wanted to also share that this might be my last Ramadhan & Syawal as a single brat. Sobs. As much as I look forward for the big day, I am also feeling super sad cos I no longer can annoy my parents, sister, cousin and Razak.. (still can annoy but not that often anymore huwaaa) :((



I am quite attached to my parents (not manja - please, totally a different thing) and I am seriously going to be a cry baby on my wedding day.. I'll miss them so much.. (over.. tak kahwin pun lagi but whatever~~~ huwaaa!!!) :((

Here is a photo of my papito and mamito. My eternal love. Period.

Count down starts now - this day in 10 months..

p/s: This is Shahir, my accomplice. He look different now. You might not recognise him cos of the extra kilos. NGEH!

May Allah S.W.T ease our journey. Amin

Dinano a.k.a Dinoso

Saturday, February 22, 2014

That stranger

I believe this blogging thingy would be on my annual to-do list from now on, lol. Duh, obviously I hate writing.. I mean blogging.. Every time I feel like updating my blog, I wish I could just draft/think of what I want to write.. and it will be automatically posted on the blog.. right.. without having the trouble to find my laptop, sign in, typing yada yada. It seriously takes a lot of your time and effort.. I mean MY time and effort.. haha well at least not for those who enjoys doing it..

OK, will stop the crap talk. I have importan-te updates for YOU (my blog, that is)! *drumrolls*

----- I recently got engaged to a stranger from some pekan somewhere in Malaysia :O

Bahaha, OK gila apa? It's actually the same guy I met in 2010 lah. Duh, propa sajew. So yeah, I'm engaged. Ngeeee :D

Itu saja lah nak bagitau, tak perlu elaborate details lah. Haha dasar pemalas. I wish I could share some pictures with you but they are still with the photographer.. So no pictures, no talk. Gambaq banyak dalam Instagram, instant sharing katanya.. semuanya dalam talian la ni uols, it's 2014 dah kan..

BTW, am currently working with an organization. No more agency life *Hurah!* Bigger, better, and definitely one of the best in the industry :)

Looking forward to celebrate my 1st year there in 3 months, insha Allah. Semoga dipermudahkan.

You see, now I'm tired. Yawning like mad cow. Blogging IS TIRING. K, BYE.