Friday, November 20, 2009

Tale as old as time...

Oh I am so into Disney songs now.. (:
Anyways, how are you my UiTM friends? Enjoying your holidays? I bet you are because everyone is looking forward for holidays!!! Who wouldn't right? As for me, last semester's break was hectic because I had some MPP stuff to settle in Malacca, so MOST of the time I was in Malacca. Pity, but it was fun. THIS semester.. I'll be working my ass off for my final semester event and a big production. Yeah.. bring it on! Tomorrow, I'll be going to Malacca with Abyan and her sister. I have to send our event proposal to Mdm Raihan because the dateline is tomorrow! Oh dear~ I should be sleeping now. Toodles

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tutup pagar lah!

I feel like an obsessed-blog owner. Do you really need to update your blog regularly? I mean, don't you have any other better thing to do Diana? I am sorry, I just love to have conversations with my inner self :b Do you have a problem with that? Do you? Do you? Haha! Well, the point is, I will be sitting for my last paper today!!! OMG, I am so nervous! Have I covered all the 19 Chapters? I guess so? mati laa.. MATI!

All the best everyone!

Friday, November 13, 2009

That tragic evening ;

My maxis line got barred. Hooray! My dad went back to our hometown yesterday and my mother doesn't know how to pay the maxis bill. Great. I am stuck here in Malacca without being able to reply any messages or contact anyone. Maybe this is a sign from God. Lol. He wanted me to stop messing around and start concentrating on my last paper!!! Hmmph, I shall keep my laptop now..

But wait a second!
Regarding the meeting with lecturers in my previous post, our idea and theme for the event have been approved! Hoorayyy again! :D We must not waste our valuable time no more. Start working on ze complete proposal. Work work work!

Oh I just love having a busy life, it keeps me moving forward and not waste time.
Such a statement, haha hate me if you must.
xoxo (:

1 Malaysia, 1 Media.

I just realized that today is FRIDAY ze 13th. Should I be scared? or Shouldn't YOU be scared? >:D

Owh and not to forget, today is ZE day! The Committees of Professional Project are going to meet Miss Wan and few other lecturers to discuss about our proposal! I am scared but excited at the same time. Next semester's event is going to be fun and big *we very much hope so*! We also hope everything that we've planned will run smoothly. Everything depends on hope now =.= Hmm, anyone or any organization that would generously donate some money for our event? Please contact me via Yahoo! Mail : We seriously need massive sponsorships!

Bantulah kami anak-anak Malaysia :)
Abah kata : "Kalau tak bercakap dengan saudara sesama Islam lebih-lebih lagi adik-beradik lebih dari 3 hari, dah dikira berdosa".

Dah 3 minggu, how? :/
I am very dissappointed with

Miss Rihanna and Beyonce' :(

Thursday, November 12, 2009

imy <3

say whatever that you need to say

It has been a month since I updated my blogspot, lol. My apologies.
Are there any readers out there anyway? Blerh, I don't even care :D
Well, I should be studying for my Principle of Marketing examination now.. malasnya ya amat! What the flash am I doing here? Wasting my time surfing the internet.. Great! I am hungry and thirsty.. I need MILO and some FOOD to munch now now now!!! My room is so empty.. :(

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just a thought

What is the meaning of celebrating your birthday if the person that you thought he/she would remember your birthday.. didn't wish you on the day of your birthday?

Oh God, I am being childish.
Anyways, it is just a birthday Diana. Grow up.