Friday, July 11, 2008

Lipas Kudung

A week had past quite smoothly without any drama in between but third sem's schedule was hard breaking! It is extremely H-E-C-T-I-C! I had to run here and there just to get my work done. Well, tak nak banyak jalan, duduk hospital la! kan? ;P Then, my friday class pulak ends super late until I have to think twice before going back home. Thank you UiTM for the wonderful adjustment, thanks a bunch! Not to mention the unpleasant weather.. panas, hujan, hujan panas.. -.- I am a tiny bit dark, dehydrated and semput, lol. Lack of stamina, maybe. Lama tak naik turun tangga. Well, no worries (:
apart from all that, I am FINE.
Teehee ;D
Who's up for those steps!
Bt. Caves twice every morning, evening and night everyone? :B

Me, ME! Terpaksa pun, hmmph