Friday, August 22, 2008


I've cried too many times this year. So many things had happened until I have no idea where or what to begin with. At one critical point, I wondered why the fish am I crying? I am not in pain and absolutely not heartbroken but 2008 has been emotionally challenging for me. All of the sudden, I'd cry for no reason. Mental breakdown perhaps. I've hurt so many hearts and I apologise for that. To whom it may concern, Thank you for giving me your attention but sometimes asking questions such as are you okay? at the wrong time doesn't make me feel okay. Maybe I need a quiet time alone where people doesn't actually talk to me. Sometimes asking random and unnecessary questions makes me or even people around you uncomfortable. I know your intention is good but it doesn't seem to make the situation any better. So I am truly sorry if I hurt you in anyway. I just need time alone. As you are aware, I am pre-occupied with several responsibilities and I hope you will understand. I am trying hard, very hard to find time for us but the time doesn't seem to be on our side. So again, I am truly sorry. Let's get rid of this emotional feelings okay and move on shall we?