Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Gallery (:

It has been more than a month since the annual photo gallery event and I miss it dearly ):
That was the bestest time ever in my life!

My deepest gratitude to all the deputy members of Photo Gallery July-Nov 2008 session and not forgetting, Zillion thanks to our adviser, Mr. Muhammad Afiq bin Sukiman for his moral support. Thank you so much for guiding us throughout the event. We are NOTHING without you sir! (:

TERIMA KASIH yang tidak terhingga dan yang tidak mampu saya ucapkan dengan kata-kata kepada,
My Assistant Project Manager :
Siti Natrah Raidanie

The Treasurers :
Suzie and Aiman

The Protocol unit :
Atia, Nash, Ciken, Padin and Mamu.

The Publicity unit :
Yoe, Aimi, Nadio, Don, Shell, and Gina.

The Logistic unit :
Korkor a.k.a Mohammad Ezzat Asyiq bin Azhar, Wanie, Yuyu, Mia, Izuan, and Yan.

The Printing unit :
Neesa, Jaz, Liyana, and Shafry.

The F&B unit :
Azfa, Farah, and Shishi.

The Security unit :
Padi, Yus, Shie, Apit and Mior.

Thank you so much for all your hardwork and dedication to make OUR event a successful one!
I <3 each and everyone of you.
Sweat and Tears FOREVER!
May Allah S.W.T bless all of you (: