Friday, November 13, 2009

That tragic evening ;

My maxis line got barred. Hooray! My dad went back to our hometown yesterday and my mother doesn't know how to pay the maxis bill. Great. I am stuck here in Malacca without being able to reply any messages or contact anyone. Maybe this is a sign from God. Lol. He wanted me to stop messing around and start concentrating on my last paper!!! Hmmph, I shall keep my laptop now..

But wait a second!
Regarding the meeting with lecturers in my previous post, our idea and theme for the event have been approved! Hoorayyy again! :D We must not waste our valuable time no more. Start working on ze complete proposal. Work work work!

Oh I just love having a busy life, it keeps me moving forward and not waste time.
Such a statement, haha hate me if you must.
xoxo (: