Friday, May 21, 2010

Formspring kills!

An anonymous person asked me on formspring. It is not actually a question... more like a statement. It was, "saya rase awak ni overrated la.. pegi mane2 ade muke awak.. menyampah. (anonymous, 2010). Truthfully speaking, I didn't feel a thing when I read that statement. I was not anywhere near mad, angry, pissed off, sad or being emotional about it. I felt nothing but relief.. Call me crazy, but I was quite happy. It is true what that person have said.. I wanted to hear those words coming from people around me, just tell me the truth.. don't just keep quiet and act everything in this world is okay in front of me. Stop being hypocrite. At least, you have the guts to type it out on formspring eventhough I do not know who you were.. It's okay, I don't blame you for that.. I am going to thank you instead! Thank you so much for being honest with me :)