Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am so proud of my course mates! They are all discussing on how to answer our GPPR final examination paper in two days time while I am here crapping and listening to katy perry's songs over and over again. Yeay, great Diana! You are such an inspiration.. NOT =.=' Where did my study mood go? Come back pronto, please! :(

On the other hand, my abah keeps coming into my room and asking me how to wear the ihram. He has forgotten how to wear it! (Nana tahu habis macam mana cara-cara nak pakai ihram ye abah ye?) =.=' However, Thanks to youtube, I managed to give him clues on how to wear the ihram. Fiuh~ I am such a big helper okay? x) lol. I am so going to miss Abah, Mak & Busu! :'( Dah la, sedih! Bye! :'( sobsob

-Seems like it was yesterday, when I saw your face (Christine Aguilera)-