Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A note from Dinoso

Salam Ramadhan!

Just feel like telling the whole world that I've been engaged for 4 months now. LOL *lame* I know~ sigh. Okay, not just that.. wanted to also share that this might be my last Ramadhan & Syawal as a single brat. Sobs. As much as I look forward for the big day, I am also feeling super sad cos I no longer can annoy my parents, sister, cousin and Razak.. (still can annoy but not that often anymore huwaaa) :((



I am quite attached to my parents (not manja - please, totally a different thing) and I am seriously going to be a cry baby on my wedding day.. I'll miss them so much.. (over.. tak kahwin pun lagi but whatever~~~ huwaaa!!!) :((

Here is a photo of my papito and mamito. My eternal love. Period.

Count down starts now - this day in 10 months..

p/s: This is Shahir, my accomplice. He look different now. You might not recognise him cos of the extra kilos. NGEH!

May Allah S.W.T ease our journey. Amin

Dinano a.k.a Dinoso