Sunday, June 22, 2008

i Think.

It is an objectionable act when people started to be like you. Photography means everything to me.. I am in love with it, I mean seriously in love. I have a compact digital camera but i prefer using dslr for my own satisfaction in taking good quality pictures. I have always wanted to have an dslr since form two okay? And now i have it, Thank you Abg Long for that.

But recently I don't feel like using it in public because practically everyone has it! I mean, just across the street or even in the shopping malls you could see kids playing paparazzi with their friends. What is that? Menyedihkan. They have mis-used dslr! Please, i think they should not do that. Menjatuhkan maruah professional or even other photographers!

I know I am an amateur and am not even close to professional (dalam mimpi boleh lah, lol) but if you guys have passion in serious photography and really want to learn professionally, that is fine. Tapi kalau dah ambil gambar kawan sambil jalan-jalan kesimpulannya gambar jadi blur dan merepek, please ask mummy to buy yourself a compact digicam. Dah la kecik, senang, ringan pulak tu. Tak payah tunjuk yang you too have dslr.. we know your parents can afford it. Zaman dah berubah ok?

p/s: Ann, i know how much you hate youngsters with their so called passion in photography, likewise. Tapi bukan semua yang ada dslr macam tu okay? :) We use M mode. Peace no war ^.^V