Monday, May 16, 2011

Viva una viva sana

Back in 2008, I used to have an ideal weight of 50kg. At that time, it was normal for my height. Unfortunately, I had lost a few kilos when I started pursuing my degree in Shah Alam and it made me looked like a walking skeleton. I've also lost my appetite because I kept skipping on my breakfast and lunch. For the past semester, I only get the chance to eat dinner.. or should I rephrase the sentence to "I only make time for dinner.." Teehee. I know.. What a shame.. Nothing to be proud of pun.. Plus everyone noticed the new evolution of me, literally.. lol. My clothes and pants were all baggy and making me look all sloppy, not to mention SKINNY. So much of a PR student, so much so called "the front-liner person". Bahaha, screw that! At least I'm happy.. Anyhow, I am hoping to gain some weight within this 4 months of holiday. Just wait and see peeps :)

On the other hand, Leo and Cookie are doing great each day. They are both strong bunnies and not to forget, they really love to eat the pure dried grass. Looking all sho adorable chewing and munching those dried grasses I bought for them! There was once I fed them with Twisties Hot and Spicy Potato Chips. Cookie loves it very much! Who wouldn't love potato chips eyy?! Haha, don't worry.. she's fine.. I promise I won't do it again.. *winkwink*. Well, let's pray for their health. I bet they are dying to go out from their condominium! As for now, eat all you can peeps, stay fit and healthy as long as you're happy! Enjoy your life :D

-Livin' La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin)-