Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's official

Blogging used to be an interesting activity for me but it got dull over the past months.. or should I say, I was a little bit too busy enjoying my so called "student life". Well, I guess we could also use that as a reason for abandoning the barrel ;) 

The way I see it, some people use blogs as their tickets to digitize and store their journeys in life. I must say that it comes with a very good bargain when the memories are sealed forever in the net, no? Others just love to share their opinions and personal likings to the world. As much as I love both of the ideas, I do find difficulties in making it a ritual in my everyday life. Hands down to all the hardcore bloggers! Seriously, you guys rock big time. Never fail to feast the social readers out there. To some of them, you are literally their role model, opinion leader, public figure and what not. It amazes me when people are excited and eager to know what were you doing today, who were you wearing at the luncheon, which restaurant did you had your dinner at and yada yada. Trust me, I've been there. Sometimes it is okay to just read random blogs or any particular blog that you opt for but just don't get too obsessed until you forget to live your own life ;)

I guess some people just have their own identity which makes them unique and exciting! On the contrary, I'm still silently searching for the identity within. Hope it's there somewhere.. :) Have a one big fat 2012 peeps.