Saturday, September 29, 2012

Terrifying Thursday

Pejam celik, pejam celik dah nak masuk 3 bulan bekerja selepas Degree programme. Terima kasih Allah S.W.T di atas kurnianMu. Syukur kehadrat Illahi. Alhamdulillah, bulan October *ehem* bulan birthday *ehem* tamatlah probation period :)

Yesterday was my first event, hence the sudden update (Muehehe). First time prepare from proposal till executing the real event. A tough one for me walaupun sebelum ni banyak kali organise events during University years, they just can't beat the real world. Now tak perlu nak kena pergi naik turun HEP minta approval, kena cari sponsor sebab fakulti bagi RM3K saja untuk peruntukkan minum petang and so on. Sekarang ni budget besar tapi tak elok membazir ye dak?

Promoting 'New Crocs New You 2-in-1 Mini Site Campaign' was the main agenda. Campaign ni sebenarnya dicipta khas untuk semua customers/potential customers Crocs. Nama pun 2-in-1 so there's 2 segments in the Mini Site. First segment ni yang penting sebab it is actually an online contest where you would just have to choose 5 Crocs shoes for 5 different occasions. Senang sangat, tekan-tekan then kena la share kat Facebook or Twitter baru eligible to enter the lucky draw contest. Grand prizenya 3-day-2 nights at The Datai Langkawi Hotel, Pulau Langkawi! (Secretly hoping that I'ld win the contest, masalahnya tak layak pun nak join.. uhuks uhuks)

Kalau tak menang Grand prize pun tak apa sebab Crocs is giving away 10 consolation prizes for 10 consecutive weeks! Dapat kasut pun jadi la kan? Huhu! Anyways, let me take you through the event..
The event was held at TwentyOne Tables + Terrace. The restaurant really had a delightful ambience. Adores the hanging metal frame in the middle of the fountain although it serves no purpose at all. We were planning to hang jasmine flowers around the metal frame but sampai-sampai saja musykil macam mana nak gantung bunga ni? Ada yang tak pasal-pasal jatuh dalam kolam. So plan B, erm what's plan B again? Think quick, THINK! So my colleague, Prema hanged them on the glass wall behind the brown curtains, nampak tak? Nampak tak? Haa situ la kami letak bunga tu.. cantik kan? HAHAHA.
As I was anxiously waiting inside, these 3 brats took a pre-event photo without me! ;(
Here are the yummy sweetie Sticky candies that we gave to the media. It is mint flavoured with rainbow colours and has LOVE symbol in the middle specially ordered for this event! Cute and super yummy :D
Some of our media friends from Karangkraf :)
Crocs Celebrity Fan, Xandria Ooi! Just gotta love her style.. I only knew that she's a DeeJay for Capital FM. Tune in to 88.9 weekdays from 6am-10am to catch her 'Talk of The Town' Air Show!
Xandria presenting her segment on New Crocs New You - Reveal Your Fashion ID!
Mini showcase of Crocs Fall/Holiday 2012 *drools* Hands on that shimmery Super Molded Iridescent Flat *__*
Oh HI! This is me, apparently unfortunately I had to conduct a game for the media. It started off a bit edgy because I was nervous DUHHH!!! My hands were literally shaking and I kinda lost my words *silent awkward moment*. Okay cepat Diana fikir ayat cepat, kau cakap apa tadi *krik krik* bunyi cengkerik belakang langsir. Notice Xandria? She was searching for another microphone to save my arse!
Tadaaa!!! She did save my life! So I won't be needing scripts anymore *throws behind bunting* Haha! Truthfully, I did way much better without script. What was I thinking? Aih tak apa la, lesson learnt! Come on, first event maa, bagi chan sikit.. tak banyak sikit saja.. chan mali chan oi oi!

Heee, other than me being all kelam kabut, they did enjoy the game :)

The event ended around 4.30pm. Definitely there were flaws here and there but overall for a newbie like me, OKAY LA. First event.. can't really compare right? And the pictures turned out great so bonus points for the photographer me? HEHE
Ini after the event. Sesi bergambar bersama Xandria!
My AE girls xx
Our so called 1 Malaysia Models wannabe. Showing off our complimentary Crocs shoes!
L-R: Sexy Sharon, Rushy Prema, Girl-next-door Michelle and ME

Btw loving my AidiJuma tudung. Bau kedai tak?! Mak kita belanja kita tudung sempena event ni.. kita sayang Mak kita! (Padahal Maknya tahu anaknya tak berduit sangat, al-maklumlah bajet 2012) HEHE
And sama tak macam Diana Amir pakai dalam majalah Nur atas ni? Terperasan masa media monitoring. Yeay! :D Okay now I need to focus on the post-event report! Toodles~