Thursday, January 24, 2013


So this month, we celebrated Mak's and Kak Ida's Birthdays. Yes, Kak Ida's was on the 3rd and Mak's was on the 7th. Don't you just love birthdays? I know I do! Usually we will organise makan-makan for the family but sadly my nephew was not well so we had a small makan-makan saja. Well, still ada makan-makan but it was just us and ze parents :) and of course birthday cakes for the two celebrations! Luckily saya adalah seorang agent cake yang berjaya (well self-proclaimed, ehems but whatever) managed to order last minute cakes for them. Sorry Mak and Kak Ida for the simple celebration! :(

Basically January has been quite tiring for us. Dalam kata lain yang lebih mudah, orang lain sibuk mengharungi bahtera 2013, kami sibuk berhijrah sebab ada renovation sikit dekat rumah, so hidup kami bergelumang dengan barang dan kotak, dan kotak lagi, dan kotak-kotak yang tersangatlah banyak. Sampai kotak pun bosan tengok muka kami, so tinggal barang saja yang tak bosan. So kami campak-campak saja barang dalam kereta. Haha tapi serious, perpindahan memerlukan kekuatan mental dan fizikal yang kental. Respek kepada sesiapa yang suka hidup bernomad. Salute!

Hmmm so what else? Oh ye, beralih dari birthday dan perpindahan kepada pengumuman (ting, ting, ting, ketuk tin biskut Hup Seng), this month would also be my 7th month working with Accent Edge Communications! Wargh, dah 7 bulan??!! Whattt! Masa berlalu teramatlah cepatz. Sigh. Okay so, after my probation period ended, I thought things would go even better now that I know what to do and what not. Pssssst, boy I was toootally wrong! Things got wayyy tougher and very very very very very  (x1000) stressful. Everything was semi-okay, but hey I sort of survived 4 months of hell and I am planning to stay for at least another 5 months!

Don't get me wrong, I love PR and I super love my job. I really do! Cumanya, ada element atau lebih mudah anasir yang tidak diingini menganggu jiwa dan ketenteraman perasaan saya sampai saya rasa geram sangat tiap-tiap hari :) Please tell me that is not a good thing kan? I mean, am I supposed to have a stressful day.. like every single day? Is that normal? Anyways, tak membawa apa-apa perubahan pun kalau ada setuju atau pun tidak. I still have to overcome ze situation. So just suck it Diana. Bring all the positive vibes around you and your cubicle *oummm - meditation begins*

Now, the good thing that I really look forward to is PUBLIC HOLIDAY! Yesss, tomorrow is a public holiday!!! Opps let me repeat and capslock that for you again, PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!! *lion chicken rat dance* Weee, looking forward to spending the day with mua familia. Mua loike and mua super duper happy! So see ya readers (Hi, Iz!) or stalkers or nobody or whatever laterzzz. Let's go to bedzzz! x