Friday, December 12, 2008

Okay, I lied.

I said that I won't be blogging for a short period of time because I'll be busy reading right?

fyi, I havent started reading any of the books YET because I was tied up with pictures editing from Abang Long's Engagement and Abang Ezwann's Akad Nikah ceremony.

Hmmph, sorry bloggy ;(
Owh owh! Abg Ezwann, a dear friend and sifoo of mine got married later today. He is a friend of my brother and I happen to know him through here and aqilah. What a small world kan?
I was actually the unofficial photographer but I got paid. Cool huh? lol.
Thank you so much Abang Ezwann and Kak Zura!
Congratulations (:
p/s: Aqi jangan jealous (;